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Yoga at the Cotton Museum

By Melissa Farris on 11-Dec-13 16:59. Comments (0)
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Discover a whole new way to start your day! The community is invited to Yoga at the Cotton Museum every Tuesday morning from 7:00-8:00am.   In partnership with Evergreen Yoga Studio, the Cotton Museum is offering pay what you can yoga classes each week in their historic space at the corner of Union and Front Street. “Our pay what you can admission makes yoga available to all, and still supports the museum’s education and outreach programs,” says Melissa Farris, Museum Curator. “We are offering this class to promote total physical and spiritual well-being for the entire Downtown community.”

As morning light streams through the Museum’s floor to ceiling windows, guests will find that the Historic Trade Floor of the Cotton Exchange is one of the most peaceful places in downtown Memphis.  Each Tuesday morning, Leah Bray Nichols – primary instructor at Evergreen Yoga – will guide visitors through a series of uplifting stretches, quiet meditations, and toning poses that will benefit the minds and bodies of beginners and experts alike.  The Museum’s central location, convenient street and garage parking, and pay what you can admission make Yoga at the Cotton Museum an easy New Year’s resolution to keep.

Leah Bray Nichols is a certified Iyengar yoga instructor, the primary teacher at Evergreen Yoga Center, and has been teaching yoga in Memphis since 2001. Nichols’ straightforward, knowledgeable, and relaxing manner makes the benefits of yoga accessible to everyone.  Iyengar Yoga emphasizes posture, balance, and breath control to unite mind, body and spirit.  Leah’s one-on-one guidance helps students develop strength, mobility and stability a while improving their over all sense of well being.


Notes for Attendees

With plenty of free street parking and two conveniently located garages, parking is a snap.  Be sure to arrive 10-15 minutes early. Class starts promptly at 7:00am, and the doors are locked 5 minutes into each session. The Museum will have some yoga mats available for newcomers, but if you plan to attend regularly a mat of your own will be a smart investment. Wear shorts or yoga leggings and a t-shirt or workout top.  Your clothing should allow you to see your ankles and knees, and you will definitely want your waistband to be elastic. We practice yoga in bare feet. 


Presented in Partnership with Evergreen Yoga Center
Leah Bray Nichols  

Leah Bray Nichols
Primary instructor at Evergreen Yoga Center

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